stop freaking out

'Hello. This is [my financial planner].'
'Sell it. Sell it all. I'm freaking out. Sell it.'
'Ok. We can do that. Do you want me to tell you why you shouldn't?'
Long pause.
'Yes, please.'

Thankfully, she talked me down off the ledge.

Things I'm currently, actively trying not to think/freak out about before my brain explodes: voter registration fraud, Obama being assassinated by some right wing nutjob, not being able to afford food in a couple of weeks, the scab on my foot from my bike accident a week and half ago maybe not healing correctly, McPalin being elected despite what the polls say, the Bradley Effect, the fact that they still don't know what to do with the $700b bailout money and, first and foremost, obviously, the stock market and the next Great Depression.


Kate T-C said...

Poor Sean. When are you coming back to yoga? I'm going with the "bury my head in the sand" approach. Turning off the TV, not reading political blogs, and just trying to spend all of my time in my happy place (CPY). It'll all go away in a few months.

Call It Courage said...

I say sell it all and buy stock in Prozac. That could be a solid investment considering our current situation...

DougieB said...

we're having pie tonight. I find that helps. Want some?

Rebel said...

I'm with kate - totally avoiding the drama. There's not much you can do about it. I mean, in general be smart with your money and make sure you've got a little savings tucked away.

As for stocks... if I were able, I'd be buying now. Seriously...it's buy low sell high! Don't go selling all your shares when the market goes down.

Make your investment choices based on the amount of risk you're willing to take. Don't buy stocks if you're going to freak out each time it goes down. I think it'll probably take a few years to recover from this... but unless you're planning to retire in the next 5 years, I wouldn't stress too much about it.

d said...

ktc-yoga would probably be a good idea. as is burying the head in the sand approach. i don't want to look, but i feel strongly compelled.

cic-good idea.

doug-i'm bummed i missed pie.

rebel-in my defense the dow dropped 27% and markets all over the world were plummeting. 'every time it goes down' is not really accurate. during the great depression, people lost all of their money because they waited too long to sell and when the market crashed there was no way to recover. just sayin'.

G said...

Yeah. Pain. Worry. Not enough yoga. I feel you on all fronts.

Bridget B. said...

Personally, I find that reading my Charles Schwab statement with a bottle of Charles Shaw makes it all a little easier . . . sadly, they're both looking like two-buck Chucks right now.

d said...

i've decided to just not pay attention any more. to anything.

Michael5000 said...


1) Sell HIGH!! BUY low!!!

2) If the wheels come off far enough that we lose our retirement, our retirement will be the last thing on our minds.

LSL said...

My brain feels like this almost all the time. I think it's common for women. But I mostly wanted to say that DougieB's offer for pie sounded great!