only 7 more days to go

I'm still really stoked about Obama's rally yesterday. Mainly just by the fact that that many people came out to see him. It has renewed my faith in this country enough that, even if McCain wins, I'll know that, while the idiots are in charge, there are enough other sane people here to make it worthwhile.

For any of you out there who are still undecided or are considering voting for McCain, you might check out Andrew Sullivan's article on Why Conservatives Should Vote for Obama. It's as concise a list that I've seen as to why he will make an excellent leader of our nation.

I also saw this today on Taegan Goddard's Political Wire:
"All too aware that, should he win, these cascading crises will leave Obama with no time to gain his sea legs and terrifyingly little margin for error, he and his people, to a degree few realize, have been planning their transition from campaigning to governing for months with characteristic care and rigor. Like so much about Obama's historic bid for the presidency, the first few days and weeks and months will be like nothing we have seen before -- and all of it grounded in the insight that, mind-boggling as it might sound, winning was the easy part. These are Democrats they'll be dealing with, after all."
For some reason, I highly doubt that beyond measuring the drapes, McCain is already putting into place plans to lead this country. He's the same sort of cocky as George W Bush after all, and I'm sure he believes that all he has to do to run our government is sit his ass down behind the Oval Office desk and everything will be right as rain.

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