it's really happening

I met with Gallery Owner Lady yesterday. Get this. She's 23 years old. Which makes me feel really...old. But despite that she seems to know what she's doing. At least from my side of the fence.

1) Breckenridge seems like a pretty good place to sell art—there are a lot of rich people there.
2) She has eight other artists lined up so far.
3) She went to high school in England.
4) She has an art degree and an international business degree.
5) While in college, she worked at various galleries in Denver.
6) Eventually she wants to open up galleries on all of the sundry continents.
7) Most importantly, she seems really, really excited about making it work.

Regardless, if I decide I want out, I just have to give her two weeks notice and then we're done, so it really seems like I can't lose.

She's planning on holding opening night festivities on Dec 5. If anyone wants to come, let me know and I'll put you on the list.*

*I've always wanted to be able to say that. It's so rock star.


LSL said...

Oh, man. I want to come, but you'd better save your list for people closer. Please take pics - very, very cool!

Rebel said...

Congratulations!!! I hope it goes great.

Michael5000 said...

VERY rock star!