it's done

Early voting began yesterday in 'rado, so I took advantage. Unlike other places I've read about (North Carolina, Florida) there was no line and 90% of the other participants were old people. I was just dropping off my mail-in ballot, so I didn't get the full voting experience and thus, the whole event was really anticlimactic. It feels good to have it over with though and now I can move on to obsessing over polls and what everyone else is doing.

If McCain wins I don't know if I'll be able to go on. I will definitely have to seriously examine whether or not I want to live in a country that is so conservative that the residents don't care if the best man for the job is actually employed to do that job, they just want someone in office who reflects their moral values. Regardless of what damage is done. I say this because so far, no one who supports McCain can give me any solid reasons for doing so, just that he's not Obama and he's a Republican. Not good reasons in my opinion, as so far, during this year's campaign, he's shown himself to be dangerously reckless and woefully ignorant about how to fix our country.

These are going to be the longest two weeks of my life.

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