i may actually, finally live in a blue state

For the most part, the current Electoral College Map put out by FiveThirtyEight.com makes me extremely happy—especially to see states like Virginia and Missouri leaning towards Obama—part of me is still dismayed to see that many states who still think McPalin is going to put this country on the right track. I realize that quite a few of those people are voting against Obama, rather than for McCain, but still.

I read the other day that Betsey Markey, who is running against the Marilyn Musgrave, is about to run out of money and may not be able to place any more advertising, so if you care at all about getting one of the worst Congresspeople out of power, maybe consider giving Markey some of your scarce dollars, or volunteer for her phone bank or canvassing efforts. You can do so here.

I cannot believe that we still have three more weeks of this. I need a break, so tonight, instead of watching the final debate—mostly because I know it will make me very, very angry, I am going to see Fleet Foxes live in Denver. It think that's a better use of my time, right?


Kate T-C said...

Yeah, that map is looking very nice.

I had a big long discussion with my mother (ultra conservative) last weekend. She's voting for McCain simply because she says Obama is not qualified. She says 180-some days in the Senate is not enough experience to make somebody qualified to be president. When I pointed out that Palin was perhaps even less qualified, she agreed, and said that she wasn't voting for Palin, she was voting for McCain. Then I said "But McCain's old, and had cancer!" and she pointed out that he's not much older than Mark's dad and that I had the same kind of cancer, and none of us seem to be on the verge of kicking the bucket. So, I ran out of arguments.

Plus, she's super-ultra pro-life. And she hates the fact that Obama voted against the ban on partial-birth abortions. It's hard to argue with a woman who's had three babies that a medical procedure that involves drilling a hole in the baby's head and sucking out it's brain should be legal.

So, I'm out of ideas now. What's the next thing to try?

d said...

well, you could point to obama's career as a constitutional law professor at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country before he became a senator four years ago.

or you could tell her that it doesn't really matter what obama's views are about abortion because congress would have to pass a law and our ultra conservative supreme court that w put into place would have to ratify it, and the likelihood that both of those things are going to happen is pretty slim.

or you could try the whole financial tact and let her know that if mccain gets elected her taxes will be higher AND she probably won't be able to get health care.

or you could just wash your hands of the whole thing and just realize that there are people on both sides of the fence who wouldn't dream of voting for the other party in a million years just because they are the other party. and then silently pray to whomever is listening that at some point in our lifetimes we abolish our outdated two-party system.

that's all i got.