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As we near the night of the Vice Presidential debate, I'd like to take a look at what we know about Sarah Palin.

1) She's a Young Earth Creationist. Meaning, she honestly believes that the Earth is only 7,000 years old and that dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time.
2) During her term as Mayor of Wasilia, Ak she tried to get books about homosexuality banned from the local library. When the librarian refused, she had her fired and then rehired her when the town protested. Can you say abuse of power, anyone? Reminds me of another moron who's in charge.
3) Her husband, Todd is a member of the Alaskan Secessionist Movement. Which means that he feels, strongly enough, that the values of America don't match his values and therefore, the state he lives in should secede and become its own country. Yet, his wife wants to be the Vice President of the entire country he hates so much.
4) When asked what newspapers she reads on a regular basis, her reply was, 'All of them. Whichever ones have been in front of me this whole time.' Supposedly she has a journalism degree and was a tv news anchor yet she can't name any newspapers?
5) She thinks that because Russia is visible from the western-most point of Alaska (an island she's never visited by the way), this gives her foreign policy experience.
6) She also said that Putin has invaded American air space, a statement disproved by the United States Air Force.
7) Troopergate and the Bridge to Nowhere—two more lies in her arsenal.

Do we really want this person in charge of the country? Honestly? McCain is 7 billion years old and it is probable that he could die in office, which means that Palin is literally a heartbeat away from the Presidency. All crazy beliefs aside, I used to think that she was a fairly intelligent woman who got thrust too early on the national stage, but now, I'm just not so sure. An intelligent person would be able to think of The New York Times for Pete's sake. Or The Wall Street Journal since she's a Republican. C'mon. And an intelligent person would've said no to McCain's invitation knowing that she wasn't ready for it yet. If her ticket is not nominated on Nov 4, she's pretty much committed political suicide. She'll never have another job in politics in this country after she is done being Governor of Alaska.

Biden, please, please don't say anything stupid tomorrow night. Please?

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