are you registered?

Are you absolutely 100% positive that your registration to vote is solid and good to go? Go here to see if your registration info is up to date.* 'Rado's deadline is October 6th. Get it in there.

*Thanks LSL for the link


Mark said...
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d said...

yes! google is awesome! look in the left hand column and you can enter your address and then it will give you the local voter registration office.

Rebel said...

fuck.... no... I'm not, and it's stressing me out. I only just got an address and I went online to try to request an absentee ballot but I have to print it out and mail it in. but a) I don't have access to a printer and b) I still don't know where the post office is!

I'll be in Bangkok tomorrow, I'll see if I can get to an actual business-internet cafe at some point. PLEASE bug me about this!

Big Daddy said...


Online said I wasn't, but called and they verified I am.

Thanks for the reminder!

d said...

it's good to check. i checked and realized i'd never updated my registration to my new address. got it in in the nick of time.