am i a dork?

I'm just not really sure.

In high school, I most definitely was. Skinny, gawky, braces and glasses at the same time (until my parents took pity on me and got me contact lenses), not good at sports, in drama and band, on the National Honors Society, eighth in my class. The list goes on.

Sometime after I graduated from high school though, some sort of transformation occurred somewhere along the line unnoticed by me, and now I'm not so sure that I fit the definition any longer.

1) I'm a lot more stupid than I was in high school.
2) I'm fairly athletic now and most of my hobbies include some sort of outdoor activity.
3) I still read fairly obsessively, but mostly fiction.
4) My obsessions include politics, college basketball, rock climbing, art, music and movies.
5) I don't consider myself a hipster, but I do know more about the indie music scene than I care to admit.
6) I make my living in what I think is a pretty solidly non-dorky industry: graphic design. I can be kind of a typography dork—often naming which typefaces are used on things like menus and such and then telling the folks I'm with why they chose either correctly or incorrectly, but I'm not sure that qualifies.

Why am I wondering about this you might ask? Well, it's time for the second annual Dorkfest hosted by Michael5000, and today's assignment is to tell everyone why you're a dork.

And, I'm just not sure that I am. Dangit.


tina f. said...

I think sometimes you are a dork. When you are being dorky. Most of the time I think you are just you. My crazy, talented, odd, kind, generous, funny, loving, interesting, sweet, best-hug-giving-ever, best friend.

Why do you ask?

G said...

Yes, I'm sorry to say that, though you have dorky qualities, you do not seem to qualify as a full-on hard-core dork. My sympathies/congratulations.

tina f. said...

There was no post there when I posted my comment. I would just like to point that out for the record.

I don't think you are. Again.

Michael5000 said...

Well, we're still early in the 'Fest, of course. And I would never, ever want to sew dischord between friends -- but I just don't know if tina f. is helping your case any. She makes you sound so.... well rounded and well adjusted.

"Crazy" and "odd" are good, though!

Rebel said...

Negative dork-points! Graphic Design? Indie Music? You're positively cool. =P

d said...

t: aww, thanks. i'll take it.

g: i know. i'm bummed/thrilled.

m5k: maybe i can prove my worthiness in later contests. i'm definitely not well-rounded/adjusted.

rebel: negative dork points. sad making.

i thought of a couple of things that might make me dorky: my love of science fiction and grammar.

do those count?

Jennifer said...


I'm just bopping over from the m5k dorkfest to say that thing about naming the typefaces? That's cool. Sure, my qualifications for getting to make the call whether things are cool or not are under suspicion--or I wouldn't be at Dorkfest to start with. But when I read your comment, I did have a pang where I thought, "Oh, how come none of my friends identify and complain about typefaces at restaurants!"

d said...

jen: hang out with me a little bit and you'll learn to be annoyed by it just as much as my friends are. i'm glad you think it's cool, though.

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Maybe I could annoy you with some of my dorky qualities too, like my uncontrollable need to ask questions about everything. Here's a sample:

What do you think about Garamond's capital T? (I'm attached to it, but I've always been a little worried by the way it looks like it's shrugging its shoulders, and I've often wondered whether somebody with an actual sense of design would look askance at it.)

d said...

fear not. garamond is a standby favorite of many designers. that and futura.

Bridget B. said...

d - I, too, have been reviewing my qualifications, and have some concerns . . . I think I may be more "geeky" than "dorky" . . . sigh. But as long as the dorky kids still let me hang out with them occasionally (ack! I can never spell that word right the first time!) I'll be ok.

d said...

b: see, now i need to know the difference between geeky and dorky. i'm glad, though, that someone else has the same insecurity complex i do about it.

LSL said...

I'm just catching up and wanted to say that if we were out for dinner and you told me which typeface was used on the menu, we'd be BFFs.

d said...

you mean we're not already?

Michael5000 said...

I trust you watched "Helvetica"?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I think your just Gay! And I mean that in a totally homosexual way!