when will the dictatorship end

If this is true, it is breathtaking and awful and simply untenable. This isn't even legal. And proves that McCain really is McSame. Unbelievable.


Mark said...
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Mark said...

'd', No worries. It's not a totalitarian state just yet.

The article is misleading. The way it is put together creates the image that 300 people were arrested in raids by swarms of riot cops. Reading into the local newspapers paints a different picture.

Anarchists posted threats. FBI/Cops raided with warrants. 5 people arrested. The image of riot police is not from the raids, but *could* be from the RNC.

For sources, I followed links and did searches coming up with...
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Minneapolis Public Radio

Fact checking is fun! But very time consuming.

"Bad Horse, Bad Horse. He rides around the nation, the thoroughbred of sin..."

d said...

how sure are you that the local papers aren't under the control of the tyrant?

just kidding. i'm glad to know it's not true.