things i like about being bald

1) It's way easier to shower
2) No need for shampoo
3) I use less water now
4) All around, it's more environmentally friendly than having hair
5) No hat head
6) No helmet head
7) I never have to pay for a haircut again


Mark said...

I enjoyed all those things as well. On the other side:
1) Small children were afraid me.
2) My fancy headphones touched the top ridge of my head in a very uncomfortable way.
3) Knit hats felt like they were velcro'd on any time after noon.

How often do you have to shave it?

d said...

people in general seem to look at you kind of askew when you have very little hair on your head. almost as if you're diseased.

i wore a knit hat yesterday for the first time. agreed.

i decided to not go completely bald. i'm gonna let the hair grow out a bit. maybe trim it down every couple of weeks?

Mark said...

A wise decision. As gratifying as it is when my head is smooth and shiney like a new car, the stubble is really annoying and seems to assert itself after only 6 hours.

The "slightly fuzzy" look reminds me of countless action movie stars...

d said...

watch out jason statham.