thanks mom and dad, for the small(ish) ears

A couple of days ago I started thinking that I was sick of having hair. So, after waiting a bit to make sure that I really, really wanted it all gone, today, I bit the bullet and got rid of it.

It was more of an ordeal than I thought it would be, mostly because my clippers really suck. I need to get some new ones. So, it took almost an hour when I thought it was only gonna take about 15 minutes.

And, all vanity aside, I don't think it looks that bad. My head is kind of built to be bald and my ears don't stick out too far. My head actually looks smaller than it did when it had all that hair on it. The only kind of weird thing about it is the scar I have from a jungle gym accident where no hair grows, but I can ignore that pretty easily. I think once I get used to feeling every single breath of air on my bald pate, I'll actually really like it quite a bit. It's much easier to shower. And no bed head in the morning.

No more hats!


Kate T-C said...

Nice man! You have pretty eyes. :)

d said...

the size of my head shrank by half and the size of my eyes doubled. optical illusions are weird.

LSL said...

You are cute as hell, and I'm sure all the boys are knocking down your door. beautiful eyes. i wish i could do that! I'd love to cut about 45 minutes off my prep time in the mornings. :)

d said...

who says you can't? sigourny and natalie did it and still looked pretty darn hot. go for it.

Big Daddy said...

Lookin' good.

Unlike I don't have the skull for going shaved.

Michael5000 said...

Not bad bro. But I'm not going to jump in like with beardfest, I'll tell you what.

(BTW: Beardfest'08 starts Thanksgiving weekend.)