some days it's just great to be alive

Ok. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did do really well picking new music this month, which can never fail to make me happy. And I want to share the objects of my affection with you, gentle reader.

First up: Right Away Great Captain! | Right Ahead, You Sailor! | The Bitter End
I love songs about how much love and life sucks it big time. Give me a whole album of it and I can sit and listen to it for days. Which is pretty much what I've done with this one. I downloaded it on a lark, without even reading anything about him. Well, I'd read something obviously, or I wouldn't have put it in my queue, but I certainly don't remember what it was. So, like many, many things, many times a day, I headed to Google to figure out why I'd bookmarked him.

This is the side project of Manchester Orchestra's lead singer, Andy Hull. Which is why I love it so much. But it's vastly different than M.O's upbeat, drum and electric guitar driven rock. In fact, it's the exact opposite—quiet, mellow, melancholy acoustic pop songs full of, well, bitterness. Hence the title of the album. This guy has serious issues with his pops and with all of the women who have wronged him. And sets his stories on whaling ships in the middle of a tumultuous sea for some odd reason, but it works. You'll just have to trust me.

Right Ahead, You Sailor! - Right Away, Great Captain!

Second: The Dutchess and The Duke | Back To Me | She's the Dutchess, He's the DukeI know I already talked about these guys yesterday, but I'm totally in love with them and so deal. These two kids could give the hillbillies of The Blue Ridge Mountains a run for their money. And they don't even have a banjo. Really dark lyrics suffused with upbeat rockin' melodies that don't need handclaps to get your toe tapping along. Beautiful, truly.

Back To Me - The Dutchess & The Duke

Last for now: Fleet Foxes | White Winter Hymnal | Fleet Foxes These guys are the indie music blog darlings of the summer, so I resisted for quite a while. However, the other day, after reading the 5 millionth post about how f*^king spectacular they are, I decided to go ahead and give 'em a try.

And, yeah. They're good, dammit. Think a happier Phosphorescent. Who was my main indie music crush last year, so you can imagine how excited I am that I may've found his little brother.

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

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