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So, McCain didn't really want to suspend his campaign. He just wanted an excuse to not show up to the debate:

From the Daily Kos:

John McCain shocked everyone with his announcement yesterday that he was "suspending" his campaign to deal with the financial crisis and he suggested there was simply no time for a debate with Obama.

But, what - exactly - did he "suspend"? His surrogates are all over television, attacking Obama. His campaign ads are still running and his Internet fundraising is still operational. McCain's press crew is fully operational. He spent the day with Rick Davis, his lobbyist campaign manager. And all of his campaign offices are still open and fully operational.

And now comes word via Jonathan Martin at The Politico that McCain will spend the evening doing interviews on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Sounds like the only thing John McCain wants to put on hold is the debate with Barack Obama. And who could blame him? He's got a lot of explaining to do to the American people about how the GOP and their cronies got us into this mess.

Grrr. If anyone who reads this blog is a McCain supporter, can you explain to me rationally why? Almost every single thing that comes out of his mouth these days is a lie. You know what's weird, is that eight years ago when he was running against George Bush, I actually thought that he would make a pretty good President. He had strong convictions, he was pretty moderate for a Republican, he believed in protecting the environment and was a champion for the working class. Now? He's George W Bush the Fourth.

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LSL said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! What he said!