I think I broke my finger on Tuesday while bouldering. I thought I'd just jammed it, but I've tried multiple times to pull it out and pop it back into place and the pain has not abated. And it hurts like a sunnuvab#$tch. Even using the track pad on my 'puter makes me wince. And don't even get me started on typing.

It's just the tip. And it's the same finger that the R-dog broke a few years ago, so it must've snapped on the fault line or something. Maybe I'll try bouldering again tomorrow and see what happens. Probably not a great idea though.

Luckily it's my middle finger.


Rebel said...

Honey... it's time to go to the doctor. Seriously. Let them get it sorted, let them give you good drugs. Then go bouldering later.

Michael5000 said...

Would this be a good venue to bitch about how I just sprained my goddam ankle again?



Good luck with the fingertip...

d said...

rebel: no! drs are for wimps! actually there's no real point. they'll just tell me to tape it up. which i'm doing.

m5k: you may feel free to always use my space on the interbunny to bitch about whatever you desire. especially physical ailments.

much luck with the ankle. sprains are the exact opposite of the bomb dot com.