here's some good news

My blog has been kind of cranky lately, sorry about that. I guess I've been pretty cranky lately myself. I'll try to make it stop.

But, something did happen today that put me in a pretty good mood. I got this in my inbox:

Hello Sean,
I was wondering I [sic] we could get together this weekend or maybe in the next few weeks. I am usually in Summit County during the week and Denver on the weekends. Could we meet to do all of the usual stuff like a contract, looking at the art, and also negotiating terms and such? I am very excited to see your art in person and am starting to gather artwork together so that I will be able to open when the building is finished in the middle of November. This may seem premature but it is better sooner than later. Let me know when and where is good for you.

[I'm leaving the gallery owner's name off on purpose]

Which, if it's hard to tell means that eventually, some of my paintings are going to be hanging in a bona fide art gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado.

I'm pretty stoked.

Now all I have to do is finish some actual paintings.


tina f. said...

DUDE. This, as you may well be aware, is totally awesome. By far the best news I have seen on the interbunny all day.

LSL said...

Yay! It is all about you! Pretty, pretty please keep us posted.

d said...

oh, don't worry. you'll hear all about it i'm sure.

Melissa said...

Congrats! Breck draws in a spendy and fairly articulate crowd... in my spa experience anyway. It gets the most skier visits per year in the country. Perhaps that will translate to art gallery visits as well. Well done!

Michael5000 said...

Sweet diggity dawg! Highly stokeworthy.