a good site to visit when you're feeling especially panicky

Friend T pointed me to this site last weekend, saying that it's what helps her sleep ok at night. All week I've been following her advice and it's true. It does help you fall asleep more easily.

Apparently the guy spends most of his time working with baseball statistics and gets paid by major league teams who want him to predict which players would be most beneficial to their teams when it comes time to trade and hire, etc. This year, he decided to put his considerable powers to use in the field of predicting who will win the Presidential election. Every day he outputs new data on who would win the election if a vote were held right now.

Go. Visit. Calm your fears.


Mark said...

That stat site totally makes me want to do some farcical simulation myself... You know how they always try to predict the super bowl by playing the lattest Madden football game? We can do that too with (shameless plug for a great independent small games shop) Political Machine 2008 . It looks like it *might* work on my blazing fast laptop from 2003. And they've got a demo so I can try before I buy! Woot!

d said...

let me know how that works out for ya.