did you watch?

Overall I thought it was one of the most boring debates I've ever seen. It was nice to see Obama come across as strong and confident and aggressive. I thought it was really weird how McCain wouldn't look at him. Not once! It made him seem shifty and nervous and kind of weak. Like he had something to hide. It would've been nice for Obama to seem more bemused about McCain's attacks rather than so defensive, but overall I think Obama won. By a narrow margin, but still. McCain seemed deflated.

This from The Plank:
TPM has the internals of the CNN poll of debate-watchers, which had Obama winning overall by a margin of 51-38. The poll suggests that Obama is opening up a gap on connectedness, while closing a gap on readiness.

Specifically, by a 62-32 margin, voters thought that Obama was “more in touch with the needs and problems of people like you”. This is a gap that has no doubt grown because of the financial crisis of recent days. But it also grew because Obama was actually speaking to middle class voters. Per the transcript, McCain never once mentioned the phrase “middle class” (Obama did so three times). And Obama’s eye contact was directly with the camera, i.e. the voters at home. McCain seemed to be speaking literally to the people in the room in Mississippi, but figuratively to the punditry. It is no surprise that a small majority of pundits seemed to have thought that McCain won, even when the polls indicated otherwise; the pundits were his target audience.
And this. This leaves me feeling all glow-y inside:
Meanwhile, voters thought that Obama “seemed to be the stronger leader” by a 49-43 margin, reversing a traditional area of McCain strength.

I think the whole McCain campaign has gone off the rails. It makes me really uncomfortable and kind of embarrassed for him. But I certainly won't be sad if he loses.

CNN keeps saying that 10% of eligible voters are still undecided. Who are these people? Don't they have enough information by now?

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