yes, i'm still talking about it

Mama D says that nothing is more worthless than beach volleyball, and friend T agrees, but I have to respectfully disagree. It takes quite a bit of athleticism for two people to do what it normally takes six to accomplish. I think anyway.

Nothing is creepier to me than women's gymnastics. Watching them do the vault last night gave me the heebs. And, I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way on this green Earth that the Chinese gymnasts are 16. And, I don't understand all of the perfunctory hugging after they get done with every one of their routines.

That Alisha girl is totally kicking herself today for losing the gold medal for her entire team, but I'm glad the Chinese competitors' families are still around to see another day.

Ok. Ok. Michael Phelps. Yeah, yeah. And poor Katie Hoff just fell apart. I was just the other day saying she was as good an athlete as MP, but apparently I was wrong. No one is.


Yesterday's food spill of the day. Black beans all down my white t-shirt from my Chipotle burrito. I put it back on this morning to take the dogs for a walk and didn't notice until I was about halfway through our excursion that it had black bean juice spots all over the front of it. Awesome. I think Rebel is right, I need a bib.


LSL said...

Love the Olympics commentary! And - you're just trying to drive me crazy with that Chipotle story, aren't you?

d said...

wait. why? because you don't have chipotle where you are, or you think i'm falsifying history?

if the former, i'm so sorry, i'll send you some. if the latter, no lie! true story.

Rebel said...

dude - I can one up you on the spill. On my flight over here they served us some kind of chicken in tomato sauce - PLOP right dead center on my shirt. And of course all my other non-PJ tops are in my checked luggage. I had to go through customs with a big-ol' tomato spot on my shirt - I even had to have my picture taken for the Thai version of homeland security. Now that's classy!