yard work is hard work

Yesterday, before the rains came, I'd managed to finish this much of the moving of rocks from one place ot the other:

So, I started back up at noon thirty today and by 2p it looked like this:

(Try to imagine what it will look like once the grass is grown in and I plant some ground cover type shrub-y things. Cool, right? Right?)

So, after finishing up the area that I'd bought the rock for in the first place, I still had a shit ton of rock left. And for once I'm not exaggerating. I pondered for a few minutes on what I could do with the left over. And, I put it in the only really logical place. The front yard. Unfortunately, after filling up this area that used to be not filled with rock:

I still have this sitting out in the street:

What do I do with it? What? I had to stop at 5p because my back couldn't take any more shoveling and I won't have time to move it on Friday, so it will still be sitting there on Saturday. Looking at me funny.

Anyone want some river rock? It's yours for the low, low price of get-it-out-of-my-sight-now-please.


Mrs. C. said...

Craig's List! Now!

Call It Courage said...

This looks really good, Sean!