well, at least we're good at something

For some reason I'm not as stoked to watch the qualifying runs of the track and field as I was for the swimming races. I just want them to get to it already. Maybe because it's more nerve wracking? Because the winner is so up in the air, and with most of the swimming, it was, 'Oh look, the United States won again.'

And if I have to hear Bob Newmayer say, one more time, 'What's the emotion?' I'm gonna reach through the tv to China and punch him myself. As most of the athletes he asks clearly want to do the same thing. 'I just lost my only shot at a medal in these games, you asshole, what do you think the emotion is?'

And we're really pretty much sucking at diving this year. Where's Greg Louganis when you need him? Apparently he's coaching in China.

Holy crap! Go men's water polo team. 10 - 5? That seems rather unheard of to me. I mean, I'm not a water polo aficionado or anything, but doesn't that seem like a really high score for a water polo match?

I'm really glad that volleyball is over. That was getting pretty old.

And why does everyone say, 'Oh. They only got bronze.'? Like it's the worst thing that can possibly happen? Hello? A bronze medal is still better than two-thirds of the other competitors. Can you imagine how shitty the 4th person feels?

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Rebel said...

Actually, I they've done studies on this and it turns out the person who gets silver ends up feeling worse than the person who gets bronze. In the bronze case they can say "I got a medal!!!" in the silver case they think ".00000000001% faster/stronger/higher and I could have gotten the gold." Personally the fact that they've made an olympic team is pretty spectacular... they are literally the best athletes in the world.