this is what sisyphus has to worry about

Do you ever, occasionally, stop whatever activity is cluttering up your day and think, 'I spent many, many, many, many, many, many hours in school and didn't really learn a damn thing of any practical value.'?

I've started filling in the nuclear waste ground area in the back yard with tons (literally. 5 of them to be exact.) of 'river rock'. My first question was, 'How do I lay down the landscaping fabric?' 'Do I overlap the different swaths? And by how much? One inch? Two? Three?' 'They gave me 'fabric pins', what the hell do I do with these?' These are things, similar to how to use a checkbook, that no one really teaches you in school. And it's been so long that I've sort of forgotten who won the Civil War and why we fought it in the first place, so all I'm saying is that whatever modicum of learning I did gain from formal education has evaporated almost completely from the lack of using my minuscule brain. Maybe if they'd taught more practical lessons, all of that money and time wouldn't have been a complete bust.

But I muddled through and hopefully no weeds will show up through the rocks in two weeks. That's what the landscape fabric is for, right? After quite a few trips of wheelbarrows full of said rock, my second question was, 'Why the hell am I doing this again?' I only completed about half before severe thunderstorms brought a halt to my manual endeavors. So, it's back at it again today.

Loving your Mother is hard work, y'all.


Mrs. C. said...

Seriously? Is this what happened to your lawn? You're moving rocks about from one place to another? You need to get rid of the yard thing. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TO MUCH DAMN WORK!

Rebel said...

Clearly you remember your Greek mythology, so I call your education a success.

Good luck with the rocks.

Michael5000 said...

The United States, or "the North," and, more or less, slavery. It was a nasty business.

Bet the yard looks great, though! Well done.