product placement

I'm always of two minds when I hear one of my favorite artists' songs in a commercial. On the one hand, musicians need to make money, too, right? They're just using their innate talents to make a living like the rest of us. On the other hand, they're using their innate talents to pimp stuff. Artists are supposed to suffer, right? Are they selling their souls just in order to sell beer? I guess the truth of the matter is when they show up in a product I don't really care for, I get annoyed and think that they're copping out.

Here are some talking points:

1) Wilco has basically become the spokesband for VW. This one has me on the fence. Especially because VW has used many more than one of Wilco's songs in their commercial. Do I get mad about it? Or does it make me want to buy a VW because they know cool music?

2) The other day I saw a Bud Light Lime commercial that featured a song by Santogold and vowed I'd never listen to her album again.

3) And yesterday, I saw an AT&T/Olympics commercial that played the intro to 'The Crane Wife, Pt 3' by The Decemberists and was at first disgusted and angry and then started thinking, 'Why not?' I mean it's the Olympics not diapers.

I guess I can kind of see the point either way and therefore am very confused about the issue.

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