olympic musings

Michael Phelps = 'Merika. I know I'm not supposed to say this out loud, but I'm kind of sick of him. Yes. He is an amazing athlete. Lance Armstrong amazing, but Jesus people, can we just stop talking about him all. the. time.? Plus, he kind of sounds idiotic when he talks.

Aaron Piersal = I just got stoned before I came out to swim. Dude. You should've been there.

The USA men's gymnastic team = muscled up hobbits ramped on testosterone. Those are some short dudes. And I mean duuuudddes. They're bro'in' it up all over the place. But. Pretty amazing what they're accomplishing tonight. In their first Olympics. Against some stellar competition. Even if they don't medal, they've had a great night (day, whatever it is in Beijing).

That kid from Korea that won the silver medal in the 200 free flashed a gang sign on the podium. Awesome.

I'm glad the Chinese are doing well, because when they don't I imagine their government is maiming their families back home. You know before the Olympics began the Chinese government rounded up all of their relatives and promised death and dismemberment if the athletes didn't perform well.

How come they don't show the women's swimming medal ceremonies? For that matter, why do the women swimmers get pretty dissed (Blogger recognizes 'dissed' as a word. How awesome is that?) overall? They've been performing some pretty amazing feats as well, but noooooo, it has to be all Michael Phelps all the time in the Water Cube.

Settle in people, there will be much more where this came from. You might want to just skip my blog for the next two weeks.

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