i'm so confused

Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame has his own recording label, Saddle Creek Records, right? For some reason, unbeknownst to me he has been adamant about not allowing any albums from his record label to be sold on eMusic. Until he came out with a solo album, didn't record it on Saddle Creek Records and is allowing it to be sold on eMusic. Look. Look up there, there's proof. Don't misunderstand, I'm very excited that I can download it here, pretty much for free, rather than buy it off of Amazon for $2M, but I have to admit, I'm perplexed.

What gives?


Michael5000 said...

Emusic contracts with labels, not artists. When ol' Conor decided to release his solo album on another label -- arguably a quirky decision, since he owns his own -- he didn't have any choice about that label's agreement with Emusic.

Having said that, I'm off to download me some Bright Eyes. ("Solo album," as if they haven't all been solo albums....)

p.s. Did I get the nod to Bishop Allen from you? 'Cause that's an awesome record.

d said...

i guess i wasn't entirely clear, i know that eM signs labels not artists, i guess what i'm wondering is why he signed with merge in the first place. i can't find anything online that explains it. and i am confused.

Jeannette said...

He doesnt own Saddle Creek, I dont think. Just signed on in the beginning.

(As you can see Im catching up on your blog)