i'm kind of disappointed

I really can't decide how I feel about Obama's pick for V.P.

I feel like ever since he won the nomination, Obama has been drifting toward the middle and compromising on quite a few of his stances that he professed during the primary campaign. I realize that a little bit of this is probably necessary if he wants to get elected, but it makes me wonder what he'll capitulate once he's in the Oval Office.

It makes me think his whole 'I Am Change' message was just a bunch of mularkey.

And picking Joe Biden as his V.P. only serves to solidify my feelings. I mean, Biden? C'mon. He. Is. Crazy. Yes, yes, he has a lot of foreign policy experience, but this means that he is also old school politics. Really old school. And, yes, it's Polyanna to think that Obama could've gone into the White House and completely changed the way things were done, but this just feels like so much cowtowing. I would've been happier with practically any other choice but Biden. And, I think he would've been wiser to pick a woman. But, we'll see I guess, if this is just another brilliant play in a fairly smooth and genius strategy, or if it's his first major blunder.


In Olympic news, I was happy to see Sonya Richards finally redeem herself last night. By a lot. It was pretty exciting to watch. As was the men's 4x400 relay. And we didn't drop the baton!

The gay blogs are all aflutter because a gay Australian won men's platform diving, but I can't really see why his sexual orientation should matter one iota. But then I never really understand why anyone still cares who sleeps with whom.

Today is the last day of competition and I am equal parts sad and relieved to see it come to an end. I've enjoyed watching these games, but, like Papa D am kind of annoyed with NBC's coverage. Show us more highlights of all of the events. Who won shotput? Decathalon? Long jump? Table tennis? Mountain biking? Why hardly any Velodrome races? You'll show almost the entire marathon runs, but won't show wrestling? I wanted to know more about all of the events, not just the ones that NBC thought I would care about.

At any rate, it will be nice to turn off the tv and start getting outside more.


tina f. said...

First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I left my phone at the gym yesterday, so couldn't annoy you with a birthday call, but I will have it back at some point tonight: so watch out.

Second: I have fallen off the Olympics wagon of late, but I will have to make sure to catch some of the closing ceremonies.

Third. I heart Joe Biden big time and could not be happier about this pick. Joe Biden is kind of an inspiration to me in weird way, I do think he's prepared to be president and he is a nutball, but in a mostly "I say crazy shit" harmless way.

I am, in general, not a fan of David Brooks, but he wrote a prescient column that sums up well why Biden is certainly one of the better choices Obama could have made:


Yes, Biden has been a senator for over 30 years, but he is a real actual PROGRESSIVE liberal and I think his beliefs and the policies he would like to see enacted certainly do represent change from what we have now. I also think it's neat that he is the "poorest" (or more accurately, "least rich") senator serving today. Anyway, I hope as you get to know him more you come to like him more. I think he's a good guy.

d said...

i knew you'd have good things to say about biden. but sometimes i feel like you might be blindly in love with all things obama, so i'm not entirely sure i can trust your opinion.

i'll read the article though and hopefully it will change my mind.

i know he's super progressive, but his craziness just makes the republicans think he's a crazy progressive and then they don't want to listen to anything he has to say. and i really think that if obama is going to make some changes in washington then he's gonna need quite a few elephants on hi side.

i'm growing more disillusioned by the second though, so don't listen to me.

e. said...

hey, I'm happy yer folks kept you. my, you were a little baby.

hope you had a happy b-day weekend.

love you.

and BIDEN ROCKS! but, I suppose my love for Joe has been apparent for awhile. simply b/c, he's crazy enough to call people on their shit.

tina f. said...

i loved biden long before i loved obama. just for the record.

G said...

Mmmmm. You used 'whom' correctly. Come to NYC and make me a happy woman...when you edit all my grad school papers. Come on! You'll love it!