i'm feeling cynical today. sorry.

The Olympics coverage just had the most blatant Michael Phelps orgasm I've seen yet. A montage of all of his winning swims. And then the announcers got on and started spelling out the eventual fall of the Golden One. I love it. Before he won five golds here they were all behind him, but now that he's actually coming dangerously close to Spitz's record, they're trying to discover scenarios in which he won't remain the King.

Oh and the reason that the women gymnasts freak me out? The combination of super, muscled-up, steroided bodies below the neck and the eye shadow and glitter and lipstick above the neck. What are we trying to tell these women when we idolize them for being strong enough to hurl their bodies around the gymnasium, but expect them to look 'pretty' doing it? It's creepy. And nothing you say will be able to convince me otherwise.

For some unfathomable reason I hate that thing the swimmers do with their mouths while they're pressing their goggles into their eye sockets. Like they're trying to pop their ears.

Synchronized diving is pretty frickin' cool when it all comes together.

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