if only they were still done naked

I love the Olympics. I know it's just a sporting event, but man, does it get any better? Really? I love everything about it: the underdog stories; the heartbreaking stories of overcoming personal trauma only to become better, stronger, faster; the stories of the 'old' people who no one thinks should even be competing, and yet there they are, with all of the 20-year-olds. I especially love the looks on the athletes' faces when they win their event, even if it's just a qualifying heat and how excited the families are sitting in the stands. I love that these somewhat obscure athletes become famous for a short period of time just because they are better than everyone else at swimming, or running, or biking or whatever.

My favorite events of the summer Olympics are anything that happens in the pool followed by track and field, mostly because these are the ones I understand the most. But I'll watch any and all of it. Today, I was entranced by the women's weightlifting competition and how excited the Chinese competitor was when she did the best job of all of the other competitors of picking up that heavy bar and popping it up over her head. Without dropping it. The only thing I really don't care for are the ones that involve horses. I guess I just don't understand why anyone considers them a sport. I equate equestrian endeavors with golf and NASCAR in my mind.

Seriously, though, the super human feats and effort put into the winning of these things are amazing to me. Can you imagine how stressful it is? It would probably blow my brain right out of my skull. I know they're all used to competing, but still. And, I even think it would be stressful to be one of the announcers. To have to correctly pronounce all of those foreign names and know all of the facts and back stories of all of the competitors...I certainly couldn't do it.

The whole thing is just massively impressive. And it lasts for two weeks!

My only question about this year's event is how many Chinese people had to starve in order for their government to build the Olympic arena. I mean, China is not a wealthy country, right? How could they possibly afford it?

Maybe they're charging exorbitant prices for hotel rooms and single servings of Szechuan Dog.

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