i really need some fresh air

For the entirety of my life up to this exact moment, I'd always considered the most boring sport in the world to waste any time watching on tv to be golf. I think I've found one worse. Marathon running. Seriously NBC? You're gonna show the entire 2 hours of the women's marathon race? How 'bout just showing the beginning, a very brief chunk of the middle, and then the conclusion? But I can't change the channel unless you decide to show something worth watching.

You know what's not boring to watch? The trampoline competition. I think maybe because it relies more on grace than brute strength is why I actually found myself enjoying a gymnastics event today.

Well, in case you are living under a rock, or are M5K or LSL, the Golden One is now tied with Mark Spitz for 7 golds in one Olympics. I think it's sort of unfair that he has to rely on three other people to win his last one. Although, he barely won that 7th one (by an actual fingernail the announcers said), so maybe he's happy to only swim one leg.

I hope Dara Torres kicks all kinds of ass tonight.


In other, non-Olympic, news: It's rained now for two straight days which is awesome for the grass, but not so awesome for the walking of four-legged critters who really need to poop, but refuse to use the back yard. Which is the only reason I have a yard, but who am I to argue? It's also not so good for the running, so I hope it quits tomorrow so I can actually burn some calories.

I just completed one of the most tedious, mind-numbing projects I've ever worked on in my long, storied career as a graphic designer. Thankfully, as a freelancer who charges by the hour, it didn't really bother me all that much. I just kept thinking, 'Good. One more hour I can charge them.'

I'm not even turning on the tv tomorrow. I swear. My brain is numb from too much boob tube. Even if it has been riveting.

I didn't spill anything on myself today!


Rebel said...

No spills!! Yay! Wish me luck - I'm wearing a white shirt and need to go to my school orientation today =P

I totally watched the trampoline competition. I'm fairly progressive in my feminist views, but those girls did need a bit of help. At least some hair spray - lord! The girl with the red hair was cute.

The guys were all kinds of amazing! I have a crush on the French guy even though he didn't do too well.

Michael5000 said...

Woo-hoo! A shout-out! "The Golden One" must be this swimmer dude that everyone is excited about. I never knew that everyone and their dog was so interested in competitive swimming.

I went down to Eugene for the Olympic Track and Field Trials a few months ago, and I was there when they ran the 10000s and the Steeplechase. The distance races (although not MARATHON distance) are AWESOME in person, both because it's amazing to watch people run so fast for so long and because there's a lot of strategy. Whenever the pack runs by your section, everybody stands up and claps rhythmcly, which is also nice because at that point we'd been sitting on hard wooden benches for about 14 hours.

@Rebel: I am fairly progressive in my feminist views, but OF COURSE the girl with the red hair was cute! She had the red hair! I have a crush on her based on that information alone!

Rebel said...

I jinxed myself - big juicy orange papaya on my shirt - just a small spot, but still!!!! Can't take me anywhere...