the bihedral

I hooked up with new 'friend' Joel for some climbing in Boulder Canyon. After careful consideration of my wussiness, we decided to hit The Bihedral because there were plenty of moderate climbs in my range.

Where's Ray 5.8+
Somehow, (and I know we did it, but looking at it online it seems really weird that we did) Joel turned this into a 3p sport route. I'm kinda glad he did though, 'cause it was a lot of fun. It was a nice one to start out on and let me warm up as it'd been about two months since I climbed last. What we did, I think, is do Where's Ray and then the second and third pitches of Flags of Our Fathers, 5.9.

Bihedral Arete, 5.10a
This was by far my favorite route of the day. Nice use of the arete for the bottom half with a nice, perplexing crux that I had to hang on for a bit to figure out, and then some great, pinch-y stuff for the second half. One thing I've noticed is that all of my constant bouldering has really helped me hang on to small, tiny holds that I would've never been able to even six months ago.

After Joel did the first two pitches of Flags of Our Fathers to get our gear back, we headed over to Hold the Line, 5.9.
Fun, thin, slabby moves on the bottom half and then a really sweet crux through a pseudo-chimney. I had just finished the crux on this when it started to rain. Big, fat, cold splatters that instantly soaked both of us. Joel told me I could just come down and we could pull the rope, but I had to finish it, dammit. So, I did. Even though the rock slicked up pretty quickly.

Once I owned it, we hightailed it out of there to escape the looming thunderstorms.


Jeannette said...

Ooooh, "friend." I like where this is going.

Michael5000 said...

Hey, I've driven on that road! It's a beautiful road!

That whole climbing thing kind of freaks me out, though. I'm so scared of heights, I have to kind of skim those parts.