Those Jamaicans sure are fast.

I wouldn't want to meet any of the discus throwers (men or women) in that proverbial dark alley. Those people have some girth. Although the American woman, Stephanie whatsername, who won a surprise gold was pretty cute about wanting to meet Mary Lou Retton, who is the main reason Stephanie whatsername became an athlete in the first place. I would just love to see the two of them standing close together in the same room. Mary Lou probably comes up to Stephanie whatsername's hip bone.

And, did you see the Croatian gymnast who won the only medal (for his pommel horse routine) ever for his country in the entire history of the Olympics? He was pretty cute also, hugging his coach after he found out he won.

That right there is why I like the Olympics.

We didn't do so well in springboard diving. Didn't we used to be good at that?


Michael5000 said...

'course, the entire history of the Olympics for Croatia would only be 1996 (maybe, if they had their act together pretty quickly), 2000, 2004, and now.... Still, I'm sure it must have been pretty exciting.

d said...


Michael5000 said...

I withdraw my observation.