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1) Wolf Parade's At Mount Zoomer
Don't tell anyone just yet, but I think I like their sophomore effort more than their debut. It took me a while to get into Apologies to Queen Mary. Like. A looooonnnng while. Like, I didn't start really listening to it until it had been out for almost six months. Even though I'd had it since it'd been released. But Mount Zoomer I loved from play one. Maybe it's because I finally realized that I love their sound. Maybe it's because Zoomer sounds more polished than Apologies. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Zoomer f'ing rocks it hard. If you can listen to 'Language City' without wanting to dance around the room, then there's something rotten in your soul. Seriously, it's almost like three songs in one. And the soft swell about halfway through? It makes my heart bleed. And there's trumpets! Take a listen for yourself, but if you don't like it, don't tell me, because I won't want to know you anymore.

Language City - Wolf Parade

Note to Mr Krug: If you want me to remove this, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will take it down immediately.

2) Working from home

I sort of took Monday and Tuesday off from work. Even though I had a couple of small projects I could've been completing. I just couldn't seem to get motivated and figured I had plenty of time. Which turned out to be something of a mistake because today I got three new really big projects that are all due next week. So, it looks like I'm going to be working over the weekend. Which is alright I guess since I had two extra days of vacation.

Speaking of which, I keep forgetting that it's a holiday tomorrow and I couldn't figure out why the gym was so busy this afternoon until I overheard two guys in the locker room talking about how much beer they were getting ready to drink. Then I went to Whole Foods and in the parking lot realized I was just about to embark on one of the most annoying experiences of my existence, so I took a deep breath and told myself to remain calm no matter what happened. It ended up being not really all that bad. Thankfully.

3) At the gym

I ran intervals today on the treadmill after bouldering for about an hour. I ran so hard that I seriously almost threw up on said treadmill after I was done. Thankfully, I didn't. 'Cause that would've just been embarrassing.


curtisgreen said...

Indeed,'Mount Zoomer' is one of my favorite albums of the year.

Glad to know we're both rocking out to 'Language City.'

Michael5000 said...

It's good! But damn it, not on emusic.

Nice new banner.