let's talk politics for a moment, shall we?

For a while there, I had to stop paying attention to politics, it was ruining my life, you know. However, as the Democratic National Convention draws nearer, I've begun, tentatively, to peek at the headlines. Which leads occasionally to actually reading the entire article.

I can't believe that Jesse Jackson said out loud what he did. Microphone gaffs will continue to dog politicians until the day they learn to maybe not say everything that pops into their heads. So, you know, until the end of days. And, when, when, when will the Democratic Party learn to not be its own worst enemy?

I know poll numbers don't mean jack, especially this far out, but I'm frankly shocked by how many people think McCain will make a good president. I know that the hardcore Elephants would never even think of voting any other way, but I would imagine that more of the moderate Repubs wouldn't hesitate to cross over with the abysmal candidate they have before them. Plus, now, I'm starting to fear that 2008 may be a repeat 0f 2004 with McCain being personified as the 'regular-aw-shucks' guy and Obama being called the 'superior intellectual' by the media.

I really may just have to roll up into a ball and suck my thumb until it's all over.

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Kate T-C said...

You should read this article. It might make you feel a little better about the whole event:

My parents are serious fiscal conservatives and have been brainwashed lately into being die-hard republicans. They think that they understand the way the world works better than those of us that don't have two masters in economics (and maybe they do).

My dad wants McCain because, he says: "Who do you want running the military? A war veteran? A kid from chicago?"

My mom thinks that Obama is a tool of the Rainbow Coalition and the NAACP and will promote an overly black too-liberal agenda.

Both of them know that if Obama becomes president, their taxes will increase to cover everybody else's health care and everybody else's social security. Which is true. And I understand that it's hard for them to vote to loose a whole lot of money in the next four years.