even though this post contains no spoilers you might want to avoid reading it if you haven't seen the movie yet

While my boss can totally suck it sometimes, there are times when he can be a pretty kick ass guy to work for. Take today, for instance, when we got all of our work done by noon, and since I'd already gone for a run early this morning, and it's too hot to live outside, he let me take the afternoon off and go to where there's kind of free air conditioning.

I'm not gonna say a lot about the movie. Much has been said about it already and by much better writers than I. What I will say is this:
• Heath Ledger was probably one of the best actors any of us will ever run across in our lifetimes.
• The special effects will make your eyeballs pop like overripe grapes.
• The writing, for a comic book movie, well, for any movie really, was simply outstanding. As was the direction. And the cinematography.

One of the things that I liked best about Batman Begins (and incidentally what I hated about the previous Batman franchise) was that it made the inherent silliness of the comic books into something real and believable. You could actually believe in a world where people go crazy and take on alternate identities and try to destroy the world. They didn't just invite us into this weird, cartoonish world, but instead made the cartoon world seem like a viable place. Fortunately, and it's one of the things that makes the movie so great, is they're able to pull the same thing off in The Dark Knight.

The only even minor disappointment was Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel. I don't know why, but she just didn't seem that believable to me as a love interest for both men. She's just not pretty enough to pull it off. But that aside, I think I can say with all sincerity that The Dark Knight is the best movie of Ought 8.


Rebel said...

Everyone keeps saying how great it is - will I need to watch Batman Begins to really enjoy it - or can I go in more or less ignorant?

Mark said...

You have a boss? Of all the conversations and blog posts, I formed a picture that you were fully self-employed.

d said...

rebel: no. i don't think you need to see batman begins in order to understand tdk, but man if you don't you're missing a really excellent film.

mark: i don't have a boss. well, my boss is me. i was trying to be funny. yet another failed attempt.

e. said...

maggie g. is TOTALLY pretty enough.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Agree it was the best movie of the year so far. But I love Maggie G and thought she carried rachel character off well. Hell, I'd date her if I wasn't, well, gay already.

d said...

apparently i struck a chord. i like mg also, but she always looks so...sleepy. and frumpy.