07 21 - 07 28 (right? are those the correct dates?)

The only thing exciting that happened to me last week was that I had to buy four new shoes for my car. Then I got suckered into getting the alignment even though I know that it's a completely bogus mechanical procedure. I just didn't want to argue with the guy any more. And it was only $60. The bad thing is my car feels like it drives worse now than before I took it in. But that may just be psychosomatic. They also filled the tires with nitrogen. Which means you have to take it in there if you get a flat. Another way for them to milk money out of people. They didn't even ask, they just did it. I kind of felt like maybe I should ask them to take it all out and put in, you know, oxygen, but then I thought of the poor trees and figured maybe it was saving them a little bit of work.

I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card for the first time in my life. For all the years I was a rabid sci-fi fan, I can't believe I never picked it up before. Now I'm reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon. It's weird and quirky. I like it.

I barely, and I mean barely, got in all my downloads on eMusic yesterday before they converted to the next month. I need to be better about that. So far I'm really excited about the new Cloud Cult and the new My Brightest Diamond and a new find, LK. Whom I know nothing about. I meant to do some research on them before I posted so I could sound all knowledgeable and shit, but I'm too lazy.

Oh, and I changed my Netflix to only one movie at a time. It doesn't start until 08 06 08, and I'm nervous that I may've made the biggest mistake of my life. Although I really haven't been watching that many movies lately. One I did recently watch, My Blueberry Nights, I recommend. All-star cast and a nice sweet story. Despite the very predictable ending. Natalie Portman is always fun to watch and Norah Jones is surprisingly not all that bad at acting. The soundtrack was pretty decent as well.

I'm happy to report that the grass in my back yard is kind of coming back. A little. It helps that we've been getting a little bit of rain here and there.

That's all folks.


Rebel said...

You hadn't read Ender's game??? Well I'm glad you finally rectified that situation. LOVE that book!

LSL said...

I changed my Netflix to that plan, too. I just don't sit and watch a movie/TV that often. It's only been 1 1/2 months, but I haven't regretted it yet!

Kate T-C said...

Sean, you're first paragraph made me laugh, you are so awesome!

Just to put your mind at ease, for all of my years of listening to car talk (so I am an expert!) alignment is very important. Especially after driving your car over really rough roads all winter. It just makes sure the tires on the axels are all pointed in the same direction. Which you want, right?

Also, Air (as in the stuff we breathe) is 70% nitrogen. So, they did, effectively, put air in your tires. If they had put pure oxygen in, your tires would be a HUGE fire hazard! :) Nitrogen is an inert gas that will keep the rubber from oxidizing or wearing out as fast. And it doesn't matter when you get a flat. You can add air to nitrogen and there's no problem. Don't worry!


Melissa said...

Dude, I just upgraded to 3 movies at a time...I can't get enough of Heroes. And let's face it, I like watchin' movies. If you haven't seen Run Lola Run, I highly recommend it. Queue it up!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

One movie at a time?? That takes some balls, my friend.

Jeannette said...

I really like your header.

d said...

rebel: i know! i loved it too. i need to get the other three

lsl: i'm holding out hope that my experience is as nice as yours.

kate: see i've read recently that as long as your tires have the correct air pressure and you rotate them on schedule you car is 'aligned' and that mechanics just charge you for it because no one knows what it really is.

cherry: i know. i know. i'm nervous as hell. BUT i live really close to one of those centers so i usually get a new movie in a couple of days. so at least the wait won't be long. it's just really nice to have a choice.

m: 'heroes' is one of the best things that happened to the tube recently. i'm excited for 'mad men' when it finally comes out on dvd. 'run lola run' was excellent.

j: thanks. yours is pretty nice also.

Michael5000 said...

Yes, get the other three. They are fab. But then, for the love of all you hold holy, stop! Don't read the sequels he wrote in the last few years. Or for that matter, anything he wrote after 1991. He jumped the shark as no other writer ever has or will.