this too is still possible

Dylan and I were talking the other day how, quite possibly, the internet has destroyed our brains or at least eroded our ability to concentrate on anything longer than, oh say, ten words. I mean, when I come across a blog post that is more than a couple of paragraphs long I find myself skimming or even avoiding it altogether. I'm not sure if this is a result of feeling like I just don't have time to read anything too long, or if I just can't keep my attention span focused for as long as it would take to read those two paragraphs.

For much of my adult life, and even a large chunk of my childhood (yes, I was sad and pathetic even back then) I was an avid reader, often choosing to do that over other activities, and always had a book with me no matter where I went. For some reason, it's been a while, probably a couple of months, since I've sat down and actually read a book. I've tried with three or four different books, but nothing has drawn me in enough for me to want to sit for hours and just read. I would find myself reading a couple of pages and then putting it down without really giving it time to soak in. I don't know if this is my fault, or if I just chose books that were hard to get into, or what, and it was honestly disturbing me. But, I'm happy to report that I just finished a novel. And it only took me about three days. Granted Mark Childress is pretty light fare compared to Dostoevsky, but still, I feel pretty happy that I can actually sit and read (that's pretty much all I did today) and even enjoy it.

As a side note, the kids have coined the term 'sexting' for flirting via text message. I love it.


LSL said...

"Sexting." Hee-hee.

Jeannette said...

A) I know you skip my long blog posts.

B) I skimmed that second paragraph.