stuff i done did

) Watched 'Lars and the Real Girl.' I've been sort of in love with Ryan Gosling ever since 'Half Nelson', so I may be a bit biased, but I really liked this film. I thought he did a great job of portraying this man who was so f'ed up by his childhood that he felt actual, physical pain whenever another person touched him and, therefore, couldn't find love with an actual human being. What was a little unbelievable was that no one in the entire town ever slipped up when talking about Bianca and that there were no rednecks to torment him endlessly about being a nut job. I guess Canada isn't like America after all.

) I finally got all of the ugly, raised, gardening beds removed from the back yard. Now it looks a little like a nuclear wasteground. And the beds are leaning up against the fence until I can get rid of them. Which makes the back yard look like Sampson and Sons. One bonus is that the R-dog has decided that the dirt area is now her personal toilet, which makes it much easier to pick up her poo. She's gonna be so confused once I finally fill it up with rocks.

) I have two large, awesome trees in my front yard. The woman that owned the house before me apparently liked for her plants to be up off the ground a bit, because she put beds around the trees also. And then didn't plant anything in them. Apparently. Both trees used to look like this:

And now, one of them looks like this:

Can I tell you how hard it was to remove the one bed? I had to borrow a hand saw from a friend and cut the damn thing down into pieces. And there was a shitton of dirt in there. Which is now in the back yard nuclear waste area. I don't think I have the energy to do the other one just now. Also, as you can see, The Great Grass Growing Experiment of Ought 8 had mixed results. For some reason the front yard didn't really take all that well. It was at best, spotty. But the backyard. Instead of being mostly dirt with a few tufts of grass poking up (much like a guy with recent hair transplants), it now looks like this:

Over pretty much the entire thing. And even the still-bare spots have some baby grass poking up, so maybe a little more water will help them fill out too. All of which means, I'm gonna try again in the front yard to see if I can get the seed to stick so that I don't have to go through the hell of sodding, but overall, I'm fairly pleased with the results. I guess I only have Mama Nature to thank as we've had an unusually rainy spring this year. Dylan says that I'm truly domestic now that I've planted grass. And worried about it growing. I'm still not sure how to take his assessment.

) Watched 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead'. Outstanding! Seriously. I'm of the belief that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the best actor on the planet and he didn't disappoint this time around either. The rest of the cast performed admirably also—even Ethan Hawke didn't inspire the urge for violence against his smug, smarmy, still-trying-to-look-20-even-though-i'm-totally-forty, wrinkled, puffy face. Like he normally does. (Lay off the booze Ethan, it's not treating you well.) The writing and direction were also pretty superb, even though I did get a little tired of the 'get-ready-for-flashback' effect they used throughout.

) And, finally, drumroll please, I started putting in a flagstone patio. Know what's harder than you think it would be? Putting in a flagstone patio. The dirt area I showed you before used to be full of raised beds (as previously noted) and a curious mixture of flagstone and mulch. When I removed the beds, I needed to do something with the flagstone, so I thought, like most rational people, flagstone patio. Unlike most rational people, I decided that I like the way the grass looks poking up through the stones, so I'm trying to leave as much there as possible. Which means digging individual holes for each stone, instead of one big hole for all of them. The advantage is that if I decide I don't like it later, I can remove all of the stones and plant something there instead. The disadvantage is digging millions of individual holes. After all of my grass planting stress, it's rather trying on my psyche to dig up the perfectly good grass that was there, but I'm slowly getting over it.

Alright, now I'm gonna go back to being even more boring than usual. Let me know if you want to come dig holes.


DougieB said...

I can help you dig some holes. I don't have a yard, so i suppose i have some annual manual labor penance to pay...

d said...

come dig holes! it's surprisingly therapeutic.

LSL said...

Holy shit, you are totally a grown up. And that is one big yard to take care of. I love reading about your adventures - totally entertaining. :)