seastival 2.0

Tina has arrived.

Camping gear has been sorted.

Laundry has been washed. And dried.

Bags have been packed.

A six-mile run was undertaken. Successfully.

Beer has been drunk.

An awesome dinner has been prepared. And eaten.

House has been cleaned.

Lawn has been mowed.

Google Reader has been read.

New, fancy flip flops have been purchased.

Headlamps have been lost.

Let Seastival 2.0 begin!

Tomorrow we drive 12 hours to Missoula, Montana for river rafting and backpacking and camping madness for an entire week. And this time our friend from Newton, Kansas will be joining us. As, apparently, the mountains of Colorado are not enough to pique her interest, but the mountains of Montana hold much allure.

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LSL said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Have fun! Be safe!