seastival 2.0, part two


After some much-needed caffeine and eggs, we decided to hike up to the 'L'. Missoula has two big letters engraved in the hillsides around town—an 'L' for Loyola Something Or Other High School and an 'M' for the University of Montana. Hikes up to the two letters have become popular outings for the locals, mainly because they provide excellent vistas of the town and surrounding countryside, but also because they're fairly short. Our hike was short, but really steep and really, really hot. Which some said was the perfect cure for our hangovers.

Updated to add: I totally forgot to mention the rousing game of Celebrity we played that night over the remaining beer in the keg. For some reason that is unfathomable to me, I'm fairly good at it. Even though it involves charades. And then we ended the night with a heated argument about universal health care, which is one of the things I love most about my friends: that we can get into these crazy arguments where we completely yell at each other and disagree pretty vehemently and still get up the next day and everything is as it was before.

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After dropping the kids from Chicago off at the airport, the rest of us headed up to one of the most magical places in the land, Glacier National Park. Unfortunately, Mama Nature felt like she wasn't quite ready to give up on winter and the Going to the Sun Road was closed and we were only able to drive about 16 miles into the park. But we did get a nice walk out of it a short ways up Avalanche Lake Trail.

We were there at the right time of year to see the rivers and lakes full to bursting with snow melt, which is always fairly breathtaking. After taking a small walk up along this fantastic river we started to run out of daylight, so we headed back down and returned to Missoula.

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Michael5000 said...

I always wondered what the "L" was for. I liked to imagine that there was a big "A" on a hill up at the Canadian border, and a big "Z" on a hill down by Wyoming, and in between.... well, you get the picture.