seastival 2.0, part three


We decided that we needed some urban time, so the very second we woke up in the morning, we packed our urban gear and headed into downtown Missoula. We had breakfast at Dauphine's, where our very stoned waitress took a little time getting to our table, but the food was pretty tasty so it didn't really matter that the service kind of sucked. After we gorged ourselves, we took some time and perused The Interbunny, tried to get our Readers down to manageable numbers, checked our email and uploaded a shitton of photos. Then we walked around Missoula proper and stopped at the Trailhead, the local outdoor store, so that I could buy a new headlamp, since I'd lost my favorite one sometime over Mem Day Weekend (as far as I can tell), and needed to replace it.

The time finally came when we had to say a sad goodbye to our friend E and send her back home to Kansas. The remaining few of us went shopping for our backpacking trip and started planning where we were gonna go for a walk in the woods. We settled on The Middle Fork Trail in the Anaconda Pintlar Wilderness, mainly because it had three lakes: Little Johnson Lake at 5.5 miles, Kelly Lake at 7.0 miles and Hidden Lake at 9.0 miles. This was advantageous because it gave us several places to stop for the night if we decided we couldn't make it the entire nine miles.


We got up eaaaaarrrrly and hit the road so that we could get to the trail head by 10a. By the time we started hiking, the temperature was an extremely pleasant 70ยบ, the sun was out and not one single other person was in the parking lot. That's one thing I always liked about Montana, there's rarely a huge number of people out on the trails. I definitely don't mind sharing as I think it's very important for as many people as possible to get outside and enjoy our planet—it's the only thing that's gonna save her, but sometimes it is pretty nice to have the place to yourself.

The hiking was pretty easy for the first couple of hours. Then. We ran into this:

Which was ok for a bit, but it just kept going and going and got deeper and deeper and slipperier and slipperier. We decided to head back down to a meadow we'd just passed through to eat some lunch and make a plan. In the end, we gave up and headed back down to the car. None of us had thought to bring snowshoes—I mean, it's almost July and we weren't that high up—and therefore weren't really prepared to be outside in waist deep snow.

It was cool though, 'cause we still got to car camp and drink beer, which always, always makes everything better.

More pics up on the Flickr.

Oh and I found my old headlamp. As predicted. It was in my tent and fell out as soon as I started to set it up. So, now I have two. Sweet! Anyone want to go camping?

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