seastival 2.0, part one

After a very, very long day in the car driving through western Idaho, T and I arrived in Missoula, Mont. at 11:30p, weary, exhausted and a little cranky. Or, at least I was, T seemed like she was still in a pretty good mood. Although I don't know how that could possibly be the case. We sat out back on our friends' deck drinking some beer and waiting for them to arrive, while their dog Meisja cowered in a corner, afraid to get near us and wondering what the hell we were doing. After a little while, and T channeling Diane Fossey, she decided we were maybe ok and let us pet her, then everyone arrived home from the airport.

About a year ago, Q asked her friend Jeff, who is a river raft guide at Paw's Up, if he'd be willing to take a bunch of her friends down the Blackfoot for her birthday. It's a testament to how great of a person Q is that he agreed for the low, low price of a case of beer. So, most of Saturday was spent getting completely sunburned in rubber boats, plus, I got to try my hand at kayaking which, I'm surprised to say, I enjoyed. A lot.

It was only one of those rubber, blow-up ones, but it was enough fun that I think I'd actually like to try the real thing. Someday. Maybe.

After we were done wearing ourselves out on the water, we ended back at the Churchmans' house for a 30th birthday rager. Seriously, Q's friends in Montana love her. They went all out with food and beer and good times. There were keg stands and BBQ'ed ribs and a pork tenderloin that I think actually made me cry at some point. This one pic sums things up pretty well.

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Michael5000 said...

"Damn it feels good to be a gangster." Nice! That DOES seem to sum it all up!

Keep having fun!