it's wednesday. oh, yes. it is.

I've actually had a ton of work to do lately. I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to go to the gym, and I couldn't even fit in a run until last night. So, I ran like 8 miles or something ridiculous trying to burn off all the calories I've eaten over the last seven days. Then I came home and ate salad and a cantaloupe that was as big as my head. But don't feel too badly for me, because I had Quizno's for lunch. Because I've been trying to eat all the food in my house before I leave on Friday for a weeklong fun-in-the-mountains-of-Montana trip. I know. I live in a state with mountains, and yet I'm going on vacation to another state that has different mountains. You'd think I'd go to the beach or something for a change of pace or something like that. But the key word is different. I'm panicking a little thinking of all of the stuff I need to get done before I leave. Clean, mow, figure out what I need to buy to restock my camping gear which I should've done after my camping trip on Mem Day weekend, but haven't really had the motivation to do it. Procrastination is a terrible, insidious evil my friends. I also downloaded a bunch of new music last night—trying to use my downloads before they expire while I'm gone on vacation. Because I don't think Montana has the internet yet. I didn't even take the time to preview, just picked some albums in my queue and hit 'download'. Here's hoping they don't suck. Here's what I am excited about:

1. Wolf Parade | At Mount Zoomer
2. Santogold | Santogold
3. Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel | Dual Hawks
4. Coldplay | La Vida Death and All His Friends (or something like that)

Yes. You read it right. I'm excited about Coldplay. And I feel mostly secure enough in myself to admit it out loud.

Oh and then there was this:

The Bostonites call him 'P-Squared'. Which is totally awesome. Eat it Kobe Bryant. Ok. I'm off to work some more. The money will sure be nice, but man, working is sort of for the birds. It's too bad I still need to eat.


Michael5000 said...

Happy Vacation! Montana has some nice mountains. That's why they call it "Montana," I guess...

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I just downloaded the Coldplay album last night. Have yet to listen to it, though.

Mark said...

Man I could really use a good beach. Are there any beaches in St. Louis, MO? No.

d said...

m5k - thanks! yes. montana has some really great mountains.

[c]r - will giving you my opinion now sully the listening for you? i don't care. meh. i read one review that said it was the best album of the year, but i thought it was kind of boring.

mark - for your sake i'll wish really hard for the entire east coast to fall off into the atlantic.

there is that really large river there, maybe you can just put some salt underneath your nostrils and pretend you're at the beach.