darwin can go suck it

I am never, ever taking the R-dog for a walk around The Ponds at 8a again. Mark my words. The first sign that that that particular time of day is not optimal for a pleasant walk around the water: we're walking up to the path that leads to the ponds and this guy pulls up in his car and unloads three miniature Doberman Pinschers, yapping at the top of their lungs, biting each other and running rampant in the street, regardless of any cars that may have happened to be driving by. Needless to say, the R-dog and I stopped and waited on the sidewalk until they'd had enough time to get far, far ahead of us.

So, we get to the ponds and I throw the tennis ball in a couple of times, like I always do and then we start going in our normal, counter clockwise direction around the smaller of The Ponds—a decision that will likely eventually lead to the downfall of mankind and doom of civilization as we know it . We're walking happily along, the R-dog carrying the ball as she likes to do, me listening to Wolf Parade's new album, At Mount Zoomer when we come upon a woman and three dogs coming our way. She had every size of dog possible—a little, Jack Russell terrier looking dog, a medium, white dog that looked like a mutt, and a large, white dog that looked like a Samoyed. Even though she didn't have any of them on a leash, I didn't think anything of it, as that's pretty normal for the ponds and I always figure that if someone doesn't leash their dog, then they can control them with voice commands. Apparently this isn't always the case.

It was seriously a prime example of pack-hunting mentality in action. And, if it hadn't been my Boo that they were hunting, it would've been pretty fascinating to watch. As it was, it was pretty terrifying for both of us. I don't even really know why they attacked. Maybe because they could sense she has a lame leg? Maybe they were just bored? Here's how it went down. Mama Bear circled around to our right and got up behind her and started nipping at her flanks. Baby Bear crouched down in hiding-in-the-grass pose and then came rushing in as soon as R-dog turned her attention to Mama Bear. Daddy Bear circled around to our left and came running into her, bowling her over and then all three of them jumped on top of her, barking and biting and snarling. All I could see was the terrified look in the R-dog's eyes as she was pinned on her back trying to kick out at the mass of teeth and fur on top of her. I waded in and started pulling dogs off and throwing them out of the way. Which I know you're not supposed to do, but I didn't really care. I picked the R-dog up off the ground and carried her out of the way, kicking at the dogs as they tried to jump up and get her, and finally the owner of the beasts came up and started pulling them away with her.

Luckily, the R-dog doesn't seem to be injured. I couldn't find any blood on her anywhere and she wasn't limping any worse than normal on our return home and 30 seconds later she was done trembling and ready to swim again. We've always been a little wary of little dogs because whenever we come upon one they always seem to want to attack her. This happens a few times a month, at least, but usually it just involves running up to her, barking and snapping at her flanks. Usually they go away when I stomp and yell at them. After today, I'm gonna start carrying a baseball bat with me—watch out annoying little dogs, for I will not hesitate to hit you with it.


Kate T-C said...

Oh no, poor R-dog! That just sucks. I'm glad to hear that she came out of it ok.

It's so hard to tell when a group of dogs is going to go into "attack" mode. You can leave your house in the morning with nobody around, let the doggies run around for a while, and the next thing you know they've turned into vicious predators bent on the destruction of some poor hapless creature.

I love my puppy, and I think she's awesome, but I know that she's kind of a toss-up as to whether she'll go into full play mode or giant flying ball of demonic fur and teeth when meeting other dogs. This is why we usually keep her on a leash around the neighborhood.

If I were you, I wouldn't feel bad about throwing, hitting or kicking dogs that are coming after yours. They're all dogs after all. If somebody hit Liv with a bat because she was coming after their dog, I'd be ok with it. She'd learn not to do that again.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

The owner of those three hounds of hell an suck it, too. Hopefully the owner apologized for her dog's behaviour. Sorry that happened to poor R-dog.

d said...

ktc: totally, i never have r-dog on a leash because she's a wuss and won't do anything unless i tell her it's ok, but if one has any doubts they should put their dog on a leash. the bad thing was the woman who owned the hellbeasts didn't even really seem all that phased by it.

t[c]r: yeah. unfortunately she didn't. nor did she try to see if we were both ok. i considered yelling obscenities at her, but figured in the end it would only exacerbate a very bad situation.

if i ever see her out there again, though, she'd better watch out.