something happened, but i'm not sure what it was

I haven't been terribly busy as of late, which you would think would lead to more productivity (more blogging if nothing else), but instead has led to a certain inertia and malaise. It's summer time (pretty much) and it's been fairly nice out, and I haven't even been getting outside. Instead, staying inside seems to be de riguer as if I've metamorphosed into one of the Mole People.

Some things:
) I'm extremely weary of the Democratic nominee battle. HRC's tiny, tiny win in Indiana last night just made me feel exhausted. For this will continue until time eventually grinds to a halt, Beezlebub rises up from the dank, musty depths and fills our mouths with maggots leaving only our fingers above ground, clawing feebly at the fetid air. Ok. I know. Dramatic much? But still. I find it interesting that she keeps winning in states that have open primaries, but no one really talks about the cross-over Republicans deciding who the Dem nominee will be because they don't feel that McCrazy can beat Obama. Whatever. Sigh.

) The yard work that I need to do is weighing on my soul like a Mac truck. And an elephant. Both. So, instead of tackling the list, I keep futilely watering my lawn in the hopes that something will grow where nothing was before. I tried planting grass and that turned into a failed experiment the likes of which can only be equated with W's second term. Which means sodding. Eventually. Ugh.

) I did buy a red wheelbarrow last weekend. Which looks kinda cool leaning up against the garage. I'm sort of afraid that that's the only use it will see though. As thus far, I'm unwilling to put it into the service which god intended.

) I also bought new running shoes. Which have caused my knees to complain less about the miles I've put on them lately. For running several miles in one sitting seems to alleviate the boredom a little.

) Intervals, while being undertaken, suck a whole bunch of balls, but afterwards cause you to feel like you can take on the world. And eat whatever the hell you want. Even if that means an entire large cheese pizza from Pizzeria La Colina.


e. said...

hi mr. no patience. didn't you just plant that grass seed last week? it takes a little time for it to show up. the new sprouts will be tiny. even then, it takes time for it to actually grow. it isn't insta-grow or anything.

and before you decide to invest in sod, look into a different kid of grass. if it doesn't come up, maybe you just weren't using a reliable brand. this is something a person at a garden center can help with.

Jeannette said...

"For running several miles in one sitting..."

I'll have to try that.

Or maybe I am right now?

Dylan K said...

Sloth and torpor are cunning foes, and the war never ends.

What kind of intervals? Maybe I should join you sometime. I bet you'd find that amusing :)

d said...

e. um. try THREE weeks ago. and the package said two weeks and i'd have grass. which i don't.

j. you are doing it right now. maybe not running. but it.

d. i'm laughing just thinking about you running intervals. i can't wait to see it in action.