the end of all things

Ok. I realize that I just may be the crankiest man in this solar system, but does anyone else feel like the sudden proliferation of stickers and magnets making their appearance on America's cars lately signal the impending Armaggedon? Today I saw one that was a cutout of a dog's head bordered in white. No words, just the dog's head. What?


Kate T-C said...

While I'm not arguing with the end of the world hypothesis, I was worried more about other signs. Like Peak Oil, global warming, natural disasters, war in the middle east, mass extinctions, nuclear proliferation, stuff like that.

Up until now, I hadn't really imagined stickers on cars could be a sign of impending doom. But, imagining the back of a Suburban covered in a rainbow of flags and ribbons, I can see your point.

Is the lizard or moose on my yellow car bad? Is it dogs or animal stickers in general that are evil? I'm just curious, really. :)

d said...

kate, kate, kate. those are just the obvious signs.

i don't know that any of the stickers are 'evil' per se, but when they don't make sense it's just baffling why someone would put them on their car.

this dog one for instance. some words would've helped clarify. like i<3labradors or something. otherwise it just looks like maybe they're promoting bodiless dogs.

G said...

But don't we all promote bodiless dogs? Less to walk and all. They're the best!

Rebel said...

It's not a new thing in Portland. In fact I think that Portland has more bumper stickers per capita than any other city I've been to.

I should start posting some... all kinds of crazy stuff... a disembodied dog head doesn't seem that strange.

Kate T-C said...

Heh heh, I would also promote body-less dogs, as long as they are still happy and the bottom end isn't too messy (as I hope for with all of my dogs).

It sounds like those races and causes that I just don't understand. "I'm racing for AIDS today!" Really? What a horrible prize. "Give money to support Breast Cancer!" No. No, I don't want to support any kind of cancer. I think some people just have their priorities messed up.