Even after only one listen, I feel pretty confident in saying that the new album, All We Could Do Was Sing, by Port O'Brien is the stuff of which awesome is made.

I'm not sure why Portland's not so famous sons repeated one of the songs from their first album (which usually drives me batshit), but this time, inexplicably, it doesn't bother me. On this, their sophomore effort, their sound is pretty similar to their debut with a few tiny evolutions thrown in here and there to keep things interesting. They were one of my favorite bands last year, and I'm happy to report that they will remain so in Ought 8.

Anyway, check it out for yourself, as my not-so-smart words can hardly do it justice.


it's summer y'all

Not to be all preachy, but at this time of year I think it's easy for all of us to get wrapped up in the welcoming in of much-longed-for summer with the barbeques, parties, raft trips, swimming pools, camping, trips to the malls, etc and forget the real reason for the holiday—remembering those who've died in service, fighting to defend our country's freedoms. I think this is especially important now since so many men and women are losing their lives in a completely pointless war. So, maybe take a minute and say a quick thank you to those who allow us to continue living the lives we do.

With that said, here's what I did this weekend:

Thursday, May 22
I finished work early so I was able to squeeze in a little nap before I headed down to Denver to see Tokyo Police Club play at The Bluebird. All I'll say about it is: Awesome Show! Those kids know how to rock it.

Friday, May 23
Ann came up from Santa Fe to spend the weekend with us. Well, mostly Dylan I'm sure, but the rest of us got to reap the benefits. Since I didn't have any work to do (whoo hoo), Ann and I headed up to Wyoming early to grab a camping spot in Vedauwoo before all the Wyoming rednecks snapped 'em up. We also wanted to see if we could get some climbing in, so after we set up my tent, we headed over to the Beehive to do some sport climbing. Unfortunately, we only got in one route before a thunderstorm rolled in and ruined our afternoon. Although it did allow us to spend the afternoon napping and reading. Sometimes that's all you need to have a good day.

Saturday, May 24
While we waited for Doug, Liz and Kevin to arrive, the rest of us huddled miserably in Ann and Dylan's camper. The weather SUCKED. All night Friday it was rain, howling wind and more rain. We woke up with our tents covered in ice. It's almost June Wyoming. Get with the program. The weather didn't really improve all that much throughout the day, but it at least quit raining, so we decided to go for a really long walk around the Woo instead of climbing. When we arrived back at camp, with the wind still howling through the valley, threatening to rip our tents out of the ground, we decided to move to a little quieter spot we'd walked through on our hike. We were all extremely happy we did as the site we found was quieter, tree-filled, and much more pleasant.

Sunday, May 25
I was originally slated to head home Saturday night, but since we didn't get any climbing in, I decided to stay one more day. We decided to head over to Jurassic Park, not with the hopes of seeing any dinosaurs, but because it was fairly close to the main entrance to the park, and had enough routes with varying grades for everyone to get in some climbing. We didn't get to the crag until noon, but we were still able to get in quite a few climbs. Well, everyone else did, I only got in one and a half. Even though I didn't finish the second one, I still felt pretty good about my performance. I got up a thin little finger crack that even six months ago I probably wouldn't have been able to. And for the first time in a long time, I wasn't nervous about falling. Granted, I wasn't leading or anything, but still, lately I've been inexplicably nervous even on TR. Maybe I'm finally getting back into the groove. I think all of the bouldering I've been doing has been great for improving my grip and building up my confidence, but has been hell on my endurance. The only cure for that? More climbing!

I arrived back home at about 8.5p, sore, bloody, tired and very, very excited to take a long, hot shower and sleep in my own bed.

Monday, May 26
Chores. Chores. And then some more chores. Even though I can barely lift my arms.


this might be super cheesy

MoveOn.org is sponsoring a get well card for Senator T Kennedy. You can add your name to the list. I did it even though I might live to regret it.

For some reason, I feel really horrified and sad for him.


a shout out

The Western Nostril is an online comic that I read on a daily basis. Or whenever they publish one. Done by two guys in South Africa (god, I love the internet), it can admittedly be a little hit or miss, but most of the time it's pretty darn funny.


it's better by yourself

I had a really good day bouldering at the gym today. I was able to get through almost every problem I tried—even ones that I couldn't get through on Saturday. I've been toying around with trying to find a new climbing partner, but for some reason today, I'm thinking that I may just skip it and keep bouldering. There's something kind of nice about being able to go whenever you want, wherever you want, and for however long you want. Without having to deal with anyone else's schedule or desires.

On the other hand, maybe I've just been working alone from home too long. It's making me want to do everything by myself.


the end of all things

Ok. I realize that I just may be the crankiest man in this solar system, but does anyone else feel like the sudden proliferation of stickers and magnets making their appearance on America's cars lately signal the impending Armaggedon? Today I saw one that was a cutout of a dog's head bordered in white. No words, just the dog's head. What?

fingers crossed

"Don't ever forget that we have a choice in this country -- that we can choose not to be divided; that we can choose not to be afraid; that we can still choose this moment to finally come together and solve the problems we've talked about all those other years in all those other elections.

"This time can be different than all the rest. This time we can face down those who say our road is too long; that our climb is too steep; that we can no longer achieve the change that we seek. This is our time to answer the call that so many generations of Americans have answered before -- by insisting that by hard work, and by sacrifice, the American dream will endure."

--Sen. Barack Obama's victory speech, Raleigh, N.C.


something happened, but i'm not sure what it was

I haven't been terribly busy as of late, which you would think would lead to more productivity (more blogging if nothing else), but instead has led to a certain inertia and malaise. It's summer time (pretty much) and it's been fairly nice out, and I haven't even been getting outside. Instead, staying inside seems to be de riguer as if I've metamorphosed into one of the Mole People.

Some things:
) I'm extremely weary of the Democratic nominee battle. HRC's tiny, tiny win in Indiana last night just made me feel exhausted. For this will continue until time eventually grinds to a halt, Beezlebub rises up from the dank, musty depths and fills our mouths with maggots leaving only our fingers above ground, clawing feebly at the fetid air. Ok. I know. Dramatic much? But still. I find it interesting that she keeps winning in states that have open primaries, but no one really talks about the cross-over Republicans deciding who the Dem nominee will be because they don't feel that McCrazy can beat Obama. Whatever. Sigh.

) The yard work that I need to do is weighing on my soul like a Mac truck. And an elephant. Both. So, instead of tackling the list, I keep futilely watering my lawn in the hopes that something will grow where nothing was before. I tried planting grass and that turned into a failed experiment the likes of which can only be equated with W's second term. Which means sodding. Eventually. Ugh.

) I did buy a red wheelbarrow last weekend. Which looks kinda cool leaning up against the garage. I'm sort of afraid that that's the only use it will see though. As thus far, I'm unwilling to put it into the service which god intended.

) I also bought new running shoes. Which have caused my knees to complain less about the miles I've put on them lately. For running several miles in one sitting seems to alleviate the boredom a little.

) Intervals, while being undertaken, suck a whole bunch of balls, but afterwards cause you to feel like you can take on the world. And eat whatever the hell you want. Even if that means an entire large cheese pizza from Pizzeria La Colina.


the boob tube can be good for something

Yesterday was a banner day in the d household. For you see, Battlestar Galactica Season 3 just came out on DVD. Whoot! I didn't really care for how Season 2 ended and was afeared that it had jumped the shark. BUT lo and behold, Season 3 started off with a bang and just keeps getting better. The writing is still outstanding. The sociopolitical-economic-religious commentary on humanity in times of war and struggle are still apropo, timely and spot on. It'd be easy for you to write off the whole entire series as science fiction so it's not worth your time, but you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice. The television isn't good for much more than mindless entertainment 99% of the time. Then, rarely, something like this comes along and throws your whole world in a tailspin. In a good way.