you should see the other guy

I've been needing to spend some sun time for quite a while now, so when Kate suggested we all go climbing this weekend, I jumped on the bandwagon pretty quickly. With the promise of 77ยบ temps and not a cloud in the sky, Dylan and I hooked up with Kate and Mark and hit Button Rock in South St Vrain Canyon up by Lyons.

We stopped at the entrance slabs (the only name I remember is Hitler's Sex Life which we didn't even climb on) and spent most of the day there. Dylan started us out on the Green Slab, 5.9+, which I decided to rename It Ain't Easy Being on the Green, 'cause that thing sucked a whole bunch of ass. I hated it. Then we moved around the corner to a crack that I can't remember the name of, so I'm calling it Crack o' the Gruntfest, 5.10a. 'Cause that's what it was for me—a hard slog. But I juiced it out and after about 5 million hangs, made it to the top. I can't say I kicked its ass though, because I ended up a lot more bloody than the rock did.

I was pretty much done after that, but I did manage to make it up a couple of much easier climbs that I can't remember the names of. Those two without any hangs either and only one fall but that's because a hold came off, which almost landed on Kate's head.

Even though I didn't have an entirely successful climbing day, it was nice to be warm for eight whole hours and not because I had on five layers and I was wrapped up in a blanket.

More pics are up on my Flickr page.

ETA; I just re-read this and holy crap I sound like a moron. Apparently all of that sun affected my brain. Dylan has all of the names of the routes up. If you care.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I think "Hitler's Sex Life" is an awesome name!

Mrs. C. said...

My hands look like that too, only it's from working for a lawyer! No really--You should see the paper cuts! Aargh I'm jealous. BTW, I have a complaint to file: I just saw the first pic I've seen of Mr. C in 4 weeks and I couldn't even see him. Complain complain! Hey I have a list of what's in my first aid kit. Do you wanna compare and take notes?

d said...

cherry: i think it's one of my favorite route names so far.

mrs c: i'll try to take more close-ups the next time.

G said...

Nice hands.