a lesson i learned today

Never ever, under any circumstances go to Whole Foods at lunch time. It's a madhouse in there. I mean, I'm glad so many people are trying to be healthy and buying organic, but still. Jesus.

I saw some douchebag pull out of the parking lot in an H3. Who goes to Whole Foods in a Hummer? Is that hypocrisy at its finest? Or does one counterbalance the other. To make up for it, I saw a woman who was sitting outside the store eating her lunch, put away her knitting and strap on her bike helmet.


Michael5000 said...

Seeing Hummers always makes me feel embarassed.

Knitting girls on bikes, though, are hot hot hot!

Jeannette said...

For more about the douchiness of Whole Foods and their customers, see my sketchblog: February-August 2007.

Just thinking of that place makes me wretch. But I would love some California rolls.

d said...

m5k: hummers always make me angry. what a waste.

she was pretty cute.

j: i will try very hard to refrain from ever mentioning WF again in your presence.

i'm a fan of their new soul food department. fried chicken. mmmmm.

LSL said...

1. That woman is awesome. Knitting.

2. I don't know, isn't WF kind of totally elitist and bullshitty? I know it's good for you, but I just can't get into it.

Rebel said...

*mental note to start biking!

I've seen Hummers at the FABRIC STORE and I'm thinking - exactly how much fabric are you planning to buy????

The thing that pisses me off the most though... so much I start yelling at the TV are those commercials where the SUV plows through some pristine wilderness, splashing through streams & climbing through brush. Then the happy fam. bursts out to go on a healthsome 50 yard hike. OMG!!!

If there are no roads you shouldn't be driving there! And if there are roads - you don't need an SUV!