the worst has come to pass

The Cardinals did not beat those smug bastards at UNC. Dammit. Oh just to see his face makes me so angry I want to reach through the tv screen and punch all of his teeth in. And, as my friend Q said, CBS wants to sleep with that fucker Tyler Hansborough (or however you spell his stupid name). I hate that kid.


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DougieB said...

sorry that it did not come to pass, but at least you'll get the pleasure of destroying them yourself next weekend.

and yes, the announcers at cbs could not verbally fellatiate that giant white boy any more than they did tonight. actual quote: "what is often overly talked about is this kids heart, which is not to take away the amazing amount of basketball skill that he has, as well!"

he also rescues puppies, can dance the tango, and shits pure 24K gold. ridiculous.