weekly photo challenge

Spring. In 'rado. The green stuff starting to peek tentatively out of the ground. Only to get clobbered over the head with more of the white, cold shit that we're all so sick of. This morning. Seriously. A blizzard. This afternoon. 55ยบ and kind of sunny. Blech. Sprinter sucks. But basketball is on and that always makes everything all better.

I also like this one, but you can't see the snow as well. Ok. At all.


Dave said...

I cried because I had no pants, until I met a man who had no legs. And who lived where there were blizzards.

Kate C said...

Really? You're complaining because it's warm and sunny in the afternoons?

I miss the early spring flowers (daffodils, tulips, flowering trees) that we had in St. Louis. But I don't miss the flooding or the 3 months of rain we also had there. My mom hasn't seen the sun for 2.5 weeks, and her backyard has 2 feet of running water in it. This is actually normal for the area.

I'll take the quickly melting snow. :)

d said...

dave: i cry all the time for a lack of pants.

kate: oh no! i was complaining about the extremes. i'd much rather have sunny and cool afternoons all around

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