After another extremely fantastic game, the 'Hawks finally beat Texas, winning the Big 12 Championship outright. It was a nail biter, and the d household was not a pleasant place to be. Just ask the R-dog. I was torn actually. Half of me wanted us to lose today's game, half of me wanted us to win. Why, you might ask? Because a win means that now we're a No 1 seed in the Tourney and that is never, ever a good thing—we never do well in the tourney when we're ranked No 1. I was hoping for a No 2. Or even a No 3. Plus, statistically, No 1's don't make it to the Final Four all that often.

So, the upshot is, I'm really nervous about the tournament.


Michael5000 said...

When I went to Kansas to interview for my graduate scholarship at KU, the Jayhawks won the NCAA semi-finals while I was on campus. This was 1991 or thereabouts. The place was a fucking madhouse. I lurked around the center of campus, and there were people hanging in the trees, strangers making out, total commotion. It was great. "These Kansas people really know how to party," I observed to myself, and of course ended up going to school there. The basketball team never ended up doing anything interesting again the whole time I was there, and I never got to make out with a stranger at a victory celebration. The education was reasonably good, though, I suppose.

d said...

oh. i remember 1991. that was awesome. even though i couldn't legally, i got really, really drunk that day.

you shoulda been in larryville in Ought Three when we went to the championship game against syracuse. downtown was CRAZY. that was a lot of fun.